About Us


Collective Realms Magazine is a weekly fantasy and science-fiction magazine published by Lazy Adventurer Publishing. The magazine started in May of 2018 and is currently open for submissions.

Collective Realms Magazine has its origins in featuring short stories of the adventurers within the Collective universe, as seen in the blogs of the We Are Adventurers Tumblr community. The magazine now features short fiction and poetry by all authors, both emerging and established. In the magazine's stories and poems, readers can find fantasy and science-fiction of all sub-genres and cross-genres. We happily include magical realism, contemporary science-fiction, urban fantasy, and more.

The magazine was started by Andrew Olvera and Matthew Gustavson, who act as the magazine's duel editors-in-chief. Our grassroots literary magazine was created as Lazy Adventurer Publishing's first foray into the lit mag world. You can read Collective Realms Magazine online in its entirety for free in text form on our website. Additionally, each piece published receives a dramatic reading by a member of our team. These readings can be found on Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, and YouTube.



Editor-in-Chief, Publisher

Andrew Olvera (they/them) lives in Tucson, Arizona, where they work as a teacher for students with special needs. They are the co-founder of Lazy Adventurer Publishing and heads both press's magazines, Prismatica Magazine and Collective Realms Magazine as Editor-in-Chief and Publisher. Their work can be found in the two magazines as well as Selcouth Station Press, Chaparral Press, and Theta Wave Magazine.

Twitter: @AndrewTOlvera

Managing Editor

Matthew Gustavson lives in Mankato, Minnesota where he lives with his son. He is the co-founder of Lazy Adventurer Publishing and managing editor for Collective Realms Magazine.


Senior Poetry Editor

Devin Hamilton (she/her) is a writer obsessed with shadow, movement, and human interaction. She enjoys an overindulgence of coffee and wine in South Minneapolis. Sun Yung Shin awarded her with the Patsy Lea Core award in 2015. Her prose and essays can be read at Mookychic, Moonchild Magazine, and Occulum among other places. Devin and her twin sister run a Bookstagram where they geek out with other readers, and discuss why Hemingway talking about boobs is boring. London’s Ravenmaster liked her review of his novel.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/DevinHamilton1


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/devmariehamilton/

Podcast Director

Audrey Stolze is a graphic designer, writer, podcaster, and editor. She is best known as the co-creator of Spaceships & Starwyrms, a sci fi 5e game. Audrey lives in STL with her husband and collection of houseplants.


Twitter: @ladytabletop

Tumblr: @ladytabletop



Aldas Kruminis
Poetry Editor

Aldas is a writer from Dublin, Ireland. He has spent the last few years dreaming of a successful and prolific career as a writer; so he earned a Masters in Creative Writing from Loughborough University. His work has been published in Cabinet of Heed, TerreneIdle Ink and more. More at: https://aldaskruminis.wordpress.com/


Olivia Mitchem
General Editor

Olivia Mitchem is a freelance writing professional from central Ohio, where she works on internationally sold projects. A life-long fascination with reading has left her with entirely too many books for where she lives with her husband, a few dust bunnies, and five bookshelves threatening to collapse.


Derek Burge

Derek Burge is an old ginger man who can fit eleven d20's in his mouth and likes talking about games too much. He's been playing TTRPGs since THAC0 was a thing, is happily married, and lives in Finland. If you enjoy his inane ramblings on the hobby or like post-apocalyptic content, check out AftertheEnd-gamedev on Tumblr to see the game he's endlessly tinkering with. 


Ryn Winter

Ryn Winter (they/them/theirs) is an evolutionary biologist and currently lives in Boston. They fell in love with fantasy stories at a young age, and was introduced to AD&D by their father at the age of 10. Their favorite part of running games is the worldbuilding that goes into it. In their spare time they play jazz and bake bread.