Wizard's Revenge

Someday the pain I’ve nurtured and nourished in my own shattered body will crawl to bite you like a worm. I who hid in the shadows, undesirable,


far from the fireplace as I hobbled from taunts, will stand drenched in rubies, sit nestled in gold. You will understand the shiver of tight muscles as a castoff in winter.


The scream barely contained at the back of your throat. My body, the dragon that razes your castle. My memory, the knife concealed to slit your throat. As I channel the maelstrom through the cane you once tried to wrench from my weak hand,


you will run away from me, and I won’t even have to walk.


Ennis Rook Bashe is a poet/game designer from NYC. Find their most recent chapbook on Amazon.

Collective Realms