Terms and Conditions of Artwork Submissions


By submitting your literature for publication in dCollective Realms Magazine, a fantasy and science fiction online magazine published by Lazy Adventurer Publishing, you acknowledge that our standard contract terms include the following. You, the person submitting literature (referred to herein as “Work”) to be published, shall be referred to as “Artist.” The following terms apply to all submissions made by Artist to Lazy Adventurer Publishing.


  1. Ownership: Lazy Adventurer Publishing shall not submit a contract to Artist setting forth the terms of the ownership of the Work and the rights acquired by Lazy Adventurer Publishing. Artist retains ownership of the Work, but the Artist grants Lazy Adventurer Publishing non-exclusive online archival rights to showcase the Work indefinitely (text and audio) in its online magazine, Collective Realms Magazine, and for promotional purposes, including but not limited to promotion on Lazy Adventurer Publishing's Collective Realms Magazine website: www.collectiverealms.com. The granting of rights to Lazy Adventurer Publishing is nonexclusive in nature and shall continue in perpetuity as long as Lazy Adventurer Publishing publishes Collective Realms Magazine or a successor publication of similar nature. This license is only transferrable in the event Lazy Adventurer Publishing changes legal status or sells or transfers ownership Collective Realms Magazine to another party.

  2. Payment: Artist is not entitled to any form of payment from Lazy Adventurer Publishing for the license to use the Work as outlined above.

  3. Artist's Rights in the Work for Original Works: By submitting a Work to Lazy Adventurer Publishing, Artist represents to Lazy Adventurer Publishing that Artist has ownership and ability to convey rights stated above in the Work to Lazy Adventurer Publishing.

  4. Indemnification: In the event Artist submits a Work for publication in Collective Realms Magazine, and rights in the Work do not belong to Artist or if for any reason Artist is legally unable to convey the rights in the Work outlined above, Artist shall indemnify and hold Lazy Adventurer Publishing harmless against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, or other harm caused by submitting the Work or Lazy Adventurer Publishing’s use of the Work in reliance of Artist’s submission of the Work to Lazy Adventurer Publishing upon the terms and conditions stated herein.